Street drinkers banned from city off-licences in bid to stamp out antisocial behaviour (From Salisbury Journal) – UK News


ROUGH sleepers have been banned from off-licences across the city as police attempt to stamp out anti-social behaviour.

Photos of those suspected of causing disturbances have been handed to staff to help them identify the unruly individuals.

Shops including Charlie’s in Catherine Street and Best 1 Local in Winchester Street are among those who have enforced the “request”.

Best 1 Local manager Kamil said that there been many occasions where there had been trouble in his shop.

He said: “There has been fighting and all sorts. I used to call the police but they did not do anything.”

While happy to ban those deemed anti-social, Kamil said that the police did not give him a choice, and he had been told not to sell alcohol to “certain people”.

But one rough sleeper, who asked not to be named, told the Journal they needed it to survive.

“We are alcoholics and need the drink to function, otherwise we are lost.

“The police do not understand what it is like, it is cold and it keeps us warm.”

Another sleeper said that the ban was pointless, as they could walk into Sainsbury’s and buy any alcohol they wanted.

“I go in there all the time. They know who I am and I don’t cause any trouble, so I don’t see why they would do the same.”

Salisbury Police chief Inspector Pete Sparrow said that the measure had been taken to reduce anti-social behaviour caused by drinking on the city’s streets.

He said: “Some individuals who continue to carry out this sort of behaviour have been identified.

“This is part of our on-going work with local business to reduce and try and solve the issues of anti-social behaviour, which also has a wider impact.”

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