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A happy band of more than 70 children and their parents spent a fun day at Rushmere Country Park learning to make a camp fire, building dens and working together on a traversing a blind rope trail.

They also developed their creative side using natural flora and fauna in the ‘mud kitchen.’

They were taking part in an activity event organised by Woodcraft Folk, a national children’s charity run by volunteers.

It was designed to bring together various groups from the Eastern region and was organised by Leighton Linslade district co-ordinator Chris Braithwaite.

He said: “We’ve been running a Woodcraft group in the town for 10 years.

“The opportunity to celebrate our anniversary by inviting fellow ‘Woodies’ to come and spend time with us and share our achievements in the beautiful surroundings of Rushmere Park was a wonderful experience – we’re grateful to Ian Richards from the Green Sandridge Trust for providing the site for our activities.”

All the children were aged between six and nine and belonged to the Elfin Group.

They stopped for a hot meal after the morning’s activites and in the afternoon finished the day with a ‘Wide Game,’ which involved capturing the flag and lots of running and whooping under the canopy of oak and pine trees.

The Woodcraft Folk logo is Education for Social Change. It aims to develop young people’s self confidence and awareness of the world, encouraging equality, friendship and co-operation and promoting ideas like sustainabilty and democracy.

Woodcraft run weekly groups, weekend trips and summer camps, affordable and open to all. Pioneers group is for those aged 10 to 11, Venturers from 12 to 15 and DFs (District Fellows) from 16 to 20.

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