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Plans for a ‘see through hospital’ on the former BBC Pebble Mill site, left councillors a little stunned this week.

The eye catching proposal for a state-of-the-art medical facility is being put forward by site developer Pebble Mill Investments Ltd and will be based between the new Dental Hospital and the Circle Health Private Hospital at Edgbaston.

It has yet to find a specific occupier but could be a hospital, used for medical research or another health facility.

The design however raised concerns among members of the city’s planning committee who feared that such an open building might not be suitable.

Cllr Gareth Moore (Cons, Erdington) said: “It’s a glass building, it does concern me with privacy – you don’t normally have hospitals in a clear glass building as shown in the picture.”

Pebble Mill Investments Ltd
Design for a medical centre/hospital on the former Pebble Mill site

But he was reassured by planning officers that the image was purely illustrative as no occupier has been found.

Apparently the design is ‘indicative’ and the occupant of the building will dictate whether or not clear glass is used.

The planning committee also looked at the following:

This two-storey glazed rooftop addition to a city centre block is more like a greenhouse

Plans for rooftop extension to building in Cornwall Street

Commenting on the plan for the Cornwall Street building committee member Barry Henley said: “It’s a glass box stuck on top of a brick building in the least appropriate way possible.”

His colleague Fiona Williams likened it to a greenhouse. But cllr Gareth Moore thought it ‘quite nice’.

The vote was ten to three to grant permission.

The University College Birmingham no longer want to…

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